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Nirva, formerly Yara, came to life in the summer of 2021 to help women sail through their peri-menopause and menopause journeys with utmost ease. Our personalised health plans based on Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle coupled with Therapeutic Yoga under expert guidance found their way into many lives.

Chronic health conditions act as roadblocks for women during this phase. While popping in pills can be an easy solution, we encourage them to adopt a more sustainable approach - Natural healing with zero side effects.

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One of the most common symptoms of Menopause, Anxiety can be triggered by the drop in estrogen levels that occurs during menopause which disrupts the production of the bodies internal neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin — our bodies natural regulators that are essential for controlling mood... this can result in anxiety.

It's essential to speak with your doctor or health care adviser if you realize that you can't seem to settle down or relax.

One of the strategies that has been shown to be most effective in easing menopausal symptoms is deep breathing exercises, which you can incorporate into your regular routine.

Shhh,,, products blended to ease anxiety include the ALLAY ANXIETY RANGE and RELIEVE & EASE.


Menopause, like PMS, is accompanied by its own set of mood swings. Your level of sex hormones fluctuates, which affects brain chemicals like serotonin and GABA and makes you angrier. As your hormones are out of balance, your mood swings may become more frequent, which can increase your stress.

Botanical actives that have a natural ability to relax the GABA receptors in the brain and nervous system, such as magnesium help promote the “slow down” you need in order to relax and which also is imperative for sleep - all of which can benefit hormone regulation and improve mood swings.

Products that may help you include: RELIEVE & EASE MAGENSIUM MIST our range of ALLAY ANXIETY and SLEEP SOUND products and supplementing with our 5-HTP gummies and MENOCARE capsules blended for hormone regulation.


Menstrual cycle irregularities can occur at any moment in life for a variety of causes. However, one of the early indicators of menopause could be anomalies in the pattern of your regular monthly cycle if you are in your 40s and observe them.

The cause is the body's lowering levels of estrogen and progesterone, which can lead to changes in period flow as well as more frequent or more spaced-out periods.

Shhh... MENOCARE supplements provide vital nutrients to keep the hormone levels at optimum levels to minimise fluctuation.



One of the most typical menopause symptoms, a hot flash is a sudden, strong feeling of heat that may be accompanied by perspiration or chills.

It can make you feel uncomfortably hot and cause flushing or redness of the face and neck, which is not always related to external variables and temperature.

Our SPRITZ & SOOTHE botanical mists in Orange and Mint varieties provide practical, rapid relief to cool the skin down. Our MENOCARE supplement aids hormone regulation to help minimise symptoms.


Vaginal tissue may become dryer and thinner as a result of the natural fall in estrogen levels that occurs throughout menopause.

Due to this vaginal dryness, the tissue is both more prone to irritation and infections.

Supplementing with hormone-regulating nutrients such as the MENOCARE blend and soothing the vaginal walls in a softening tension relieving bath relaxing SLEEP SOUND BATH OIL help to ease irritation and retain moisture.


Do you have hot flashes more frequently at night? These hot flashes are known as night sweats if you wake up in the middle of the night sweating heavily and feeling quite warm.

They may disrupt your sleep cycle, which would result in more stress and weariness during the day.

Wearing breathable cotton pyjamas and switching to cotton sheets can help.

Shhh... SPRITZ & SOOTHE botanical mists in Orange and Mint varieties provide practical, nocturnal solutions to rapidly provide relief to cool the skin and ease discomfort. Our SLEEP SOUND Pillow Mist and Diffuser Blend also provide calming relief to help ease states of calm and a return to restful sleep.
Our MENOCARE supplement aids hormone regulation to help minimise symptoms.


Hormone adjustments might lessen sex urge. This may be brought on by vaginal dryness in certain women as sex becomes uncomfortable.

However, diminishing sex hormone levels are the main cause of reduced libido.

Shhh... BALANCE AND ALLURE MACA ROOT CAPSULES provides rounded protection with zinc and maca to help maintain sexual interest with a healthy hormonal balance.



Collagen production decreases as we get older and as our hormone levels change.

Menopausal women may suffer greater skin dryness, irritation, and itching since collagen is important for retaining moisture and flexibility in the skin.

As skin matures both topical application and nutritional supplementation are important.

Shhh Hemp Oil Moisture Creme is blended to alleviate dryness. Vitamin C Serum delivers collagen production support for the complexion. Protect and Maintain Gummies are formulated to support hair, skin and nails nutritionally helping to optimise hormonal balance for collagen production.


Estrogen is essential for the health of your hair, nails, and other body tissues.

As levels decline lower amounts might make nails brittle because they weaken and dry out.

Keeping nails short can be beneficial. Routinely moisturizing your hands and cuticles as well as nutritional support are positive ways to protect against damage and weak nails.

Products that can help include our Soothe and Smooth Hand Cream, Green Tea Cuticle Oil and Protect and Maintain Gummies.


Many menopausal women report experiencing tingling, burning, or numbness in their fingers, toes, feet, hands, arms, and legs.

The majority of the time, menopause-related tingling in the extremities is caused by normal hormone variations. One of the main hormones that fluctuates throughout menopause is estrogen, which has a complicated impact on the central nervous system.

Shhh supplements formulated for hormonal balance and support for the central nervous system include our Menocare Capsules blended for protection through all stages of the menopause and Protect and Maintain Gummies for Hair Skin and Nails.


Estrogen is required for healthy hair follicle growth.

Low estrogen levels can trigger both hair thinning and increase  hair loss. As such, when estrogen levels start to decline, your hair tends to become drier, brittle, and more prone to breaking.

Our PROTECT AND MAINTAIN gummies are formulated with Biotin and Selenium which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair



Having increased bloating lately? Water retention could result from the fluctuating estrogen levels that occur during perimenopause. Bloating results from tissues retaining water, which is accompanied by a sense of fullness, heaviness, and tightness around the belly.
Cortisol levels and estrogen are related. Lower estrogen reduces the body's ability to fend off cortisol and adrenaline, the stress hormones. Higher blood cortisol levels alert the brain that you are in danger, which causes non-essential processes like digestion to momentarily cease, disrupting your regular digestion. While your hormones are out of balance, you can have bloating, constipation, stomach pain, or discomfort.

MENOCARE supplements provide ongoing support throughout the menopause. our soothing SLEEP SOUND and DETOX bath salts with magnesium combat stress and tension which can beneficially reduce cortisol levels and assist in minimising symptoms.


Electrical Shock Feeling
Suddenly felt as though your body had received an electric shock? Just before a hot flash, a sensation that feels a lot like a rubber band snapping between muscle and skin can happen. Even though they only last a moment or two, they can be rather unpleasant and serve as a hot flash warning.

Your central nervous system and estrogen work together to convey signals from nerves to the brain. Signals may be twisted, magnified, short-circuited, or otherwise distorted when your hormones start to run amok, giving you the sense of a shock or tingling across your body or extremities.

Our MENOCARE and our BALANCE AND ALLURE MACA ROOT supplements aid hormone regulation and strengthen the nervous system to help minimise symptoms.


Frequent headaches in menopausal women are common and are associated with declining estrogen levels.

These headaches may start out being minor but might get worse as menopause progresses and hormone levels continue to decline.

Maintaining optimal hormonal balance is a vital way to support the body throughout the menopause journey.

Our MENOCARE and BALANCE AND ALLURE MACA ROOT supplements are formulated for hormone and central nervous system protection.


Muscle strain may be brought on by menopause. The muscles in the back, neck, and shoulders may tighten or strain as a result of changing hormone levels. Also possible are stiffness, tightness, and aches in your muscles all throughout your body.
The body's muscles become weary and tight due to prolonged high levels of cortisol in the presence of low oestrogen levels. Progesterone has a calming impact on both the body and the mind. Muscles often get stiff as progesterone levels start to decline before menopause.

Soothing baths with magnesium are age old proven remedies which are revived in our healing BATHTIME BLISS suite of magnesium formulations. Our RELIEVE & EASE Magnesium Mist delivers rapid portable relief while nutritional support for hormonal balance and tension-relief is delivered with our BALANCE AND ALLURE MACA ROOT, our MENOCARE and our 5-HTP EASE & RESTORE supplements.


Joint discomfort can be exacerbated by menopausal estrogen decline. Most women are aware that menopause might result in weaker bones due to deteriorating bone density. Reduced oestrogen levels are frequently to blame for this.

Serious joint problems can result from reduced bone mass and density, tight muscles, and increased inflammation. Hip tightness, knee pain, finger and toe edema, and joint tightness are common complaints among menopausal women.

Our soothing BATHTIME BLISS suite of magnesium formulations bath products revive the age old proven remedies for joint pain. Our RELIEVE & EASE Magnesium Mist delivers rapid portable relief. Our JOINT GUARD capsules deliver nutritional protection against joint issues. Support for hormonal balance and tension-relief is delivered with our BALANCE AND ALLURE MACA ROOT, our MENOCARE and our 5-HTP EASE & RESTORE supplements.


Women's hormones undergo a considerable change throughout menopause, which increases your risk of developing oral health issues like dry mouth, gum recession, tooth discomfort, gum disease, and other issues.

During menopause, you could also begin to suffer dry mouth. Your risk of cavities and gum disease may increase as a result. Your risk of developing gingivitis and tooth decay increases when your salivary glands don't secrete sufficient saliva to wash away oral bacteria.

Our JOINT GUARD capsules deliver nutritional protection against loss of mineral bone density where teeth become more vulnerable due to weaker gums. REBALANCE & BOOST support the developemt of normal bones and teeth as well as fostering protein synthesis aiding gum development. MENOCARE provides rounded support for hormonal balance to minimise symptoms throughout the menopause.


The tongue, gums, lips, or inner cheek may feel hot or burning due to fluctuations in estrogen levels.

During the menopause, you could also have pain or a metallic taste in your mouth.

MENOCARE provides rounded support for hormonal balance to minimise symptoms throughout the menopause.


During your periods, did your breasts ever feel particularly sore? Changes in hormone levels can result in breast soreness and tenderness, and these same changes might result in breast discomfort throughout menopause. Unpredictable and unconnected to your menstrual cycle, you can experience pain or tenderness.
Changes in your breast size and form might also be brought on by fluctuating hormone levels. The glandular tissues of the breast undergo changes as estrogen levels decline and your breast milk production system starts to shut down. The size and form of your breasts could decrease or change. They could feel sag-prone and less thick.

MENOCARE provides rounded support for hormonal balance to minimise symptoms throughout the menopause and our RELIEVE & EASE directly targets pain and suupports hormone regulation with magnesium.



Changes in hormone levels during menopause can impair concentration and focus, in addition to causing memory lapses.

These signs and symptoms are most likely to appear in the early stages of perimenopause. Poor sleep quality and mood swings, however, can also play a role in impacting clear brain function.

Our REBALANCE AND BOOST and our BALANCE AND ALLURE supplements provide neuroprotective support while our SLEEP SOUND range facilitates cognitive wind down to underscore the body's restorative functions through restful sleep.


As progesterone and estrogen levels decrease throughout menopause, a variety of challenging mental side effects are also brought on which can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life for some women.

A cumulative cocktail of menopausal fatigue, mood swings, anxiety and stress can make menopausal women more vulnerable to depression.

Enhancing quality of life while treating depression is possible with the use of therapy and complementary therapies and it is advisable to seek professional help if you are suffering from sustained symptoms.

Nurturing selfcare routines and nutritional support to boost hormone balance can help to relieve symptoms. Our calming ALLAY ANXIETY range and our protective MENOCARE and REBALANCE and BOOST supplements support healthy cognitive function.



Hormone imbalances brought on by menopause may also lead to episodes of panic disorders for some women.

These are characterized by symptomatic emotional episodes of rapid heartbeat, unexplained feelings of dread, wrath, and grief, intense terror, and shallow breathing that can appear out of nowhere.

It is important to consult your GP or health adviser for help and advice if symptoms are prolonged or debilitating.

Protective self-care routines and nutritional support to aid hormone regulation can help to minimise symptoms. Our calming ALLAY ANXIETY range and our protective MENOCARE and REBALANCE and BOOST supplements support healthy cognitive function.


Changing hormone levels can  trigger dizzy spells and light headedness These spells can appear out of nowhere and last for several minutes or even longer.

The menopause stage of life is linked to orthostatic hypotension, or low blood pressure brought on by abrupt changes in posture so it is always best to avoid abruptly bending over or standing up.

Caution is also advised - to be mindful of falling or getting into an accident when driving or operating machinery is imperative - if one is feeling lightheaded.

Our protective MENOCARE and REBALANCE and BOOST supplements support healthy cognitive function and hormone regulation.




Suddenly feeling congested during allergy season?
Your immune system may become weakened by hormonal changes, increasing your susceptibility to seasonal allergies. Menopause can make allergy symptoms worse, including sinus infections, rashes, itchy eyes, puffiness, and sneezing. Hormone balance and boosting immunity are critical factors to combat symptoms.

Getting good rest is important to strengthen immunity - our SLEEP SOUND range is blended to facilitate sleep onset and deep restful sleep. A good DETOX with bath and skincare options from the range can help eliminate triggers from the system. Our protective MENOCARE and 5-HTP chewable gummies support with hormone regulation and anti-inflammatory protection. Our HEMP OIL MOISTURE CREAM delivers topical relief for rashes. Symptomatic relief for puffy eyes may be treated with our EYE BRIGHT SEAWEED SERUM.


Fluctuating hormes in menopause can lead to experiencing fatigue and sluggishness even if sleeping for eight hours every night.

Interrupted sleep due to other menopausal symptoms such as anxiety, night sweats and insomnia can also be the causes.

Fatigue brought on by menopause can have an impact on your stress levels and mood as well as productivity, sleep, and mood.

Support for restful sleep and revitalising nutrients are essentialaids. Our products that help include our SLEEP SOUND range, 5-HTP chewable gummies, REBALANCE AND BOOST and MENOCARE supplememts. Revialsiting support with magnesium to boost cellular function is delivered with our RELIEVE AND EASE MAGNESIUM MIST.


As levels of estrogen decline during perimenopause, bone loss might become more rapid. Estrogen is essential for maintaining bone density and preventing bone resorption. Osteoporosis, which is characterized by a loss of bone mass and density as well as bone thinning, is a condition for which many menopausal and post-menopausal women are at high risk.

This is why maintaining bone density when you enter menopause is esssential. Balanced nutrition that supports calcium absorption and balanced, calcium-rich diet and doing weight-bearing workouts of a moderate intensity can help.

Our supplements MENOCARE and JOINT GUARD provide nutritional support that contribute to the maintenance of healthy bones while our RELIEVE AND EASE mist supports mineral and calcium asorption with fast acting magnesium.