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At Nirva, formerly Yara, we approach healthcare with compassion and understanding, particularly in helping women through various chronic health conditions. Our focus is on gut health, joint health, and assisting women in sailing through perimenopause and menopause with ease.
Our personalised health plans blend Ayurvedic principles with Therapeutic Yoga under expert guidance. We encourage sustainable, side-effect-free, and natural healing methods. We have already helped over 3000 women in their holistic health and wellness journey.


Experts and practitioners at Nirva recognise that listening, sharing, and providing comfort are crucial in healthcare. We dedicate time to understanding our community members’ needs and concerns. The process led to the establishment of a holistic wellness framework that addresses physical, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects.

The journey towards good health and natural healing is best made together. We help our clients heal and gain positive experiences through community engagement, fostering connection and a sense of belonging. Women can rediscover themselves and adopt new beliefs, thoughts and habits, ultimately embracing the true wonders of holistic health and wellness for life.

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