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08, 09 & 10-07-22 :: KENT COUNTY SHOW - Trade and Consumer

Champion of Women
PRODUCED IN KENT TENT - Showcasing Member Businesses

It was our absolute pleasure to be present at the Kent County Show this year feauring in the Produced in Kent Tent...

As bonafide Produced in Kent Members we are extremely proud of our Kent roots - hand-blending our precious little formulas of botanical wellness here in the glorious Garden of England.

At this years event we launched our new Hemp Oil products for healing , sleep and anxiety, our soothing orange and mint spritzers for hot flushes and redness and our Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid Serum for that essential collagen-building boost.

One of the highlights of shows such as these is meeting so many of our lovely customers face to face. Hearing your feedback keeps us going with further inspiration for new products to develop.
It was certainly rewarding meeting our local clientele and Kentophiles and we're already motivated for further new things to come!

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18-06-22 :: AWARD WIN - KENT HEALTH & BEAUTY AWARDS 2022 - KB Cuticle Oil

Inspired Achievement - Silver Award

A truly fantastic mid-point milestone for June.

How proud are we of our favourite Kent-based beautician Karen Beeforth already an award winner in recent years and now adding two further sensational feathers to her gorgeous cap for 2022 - Bronze Award Nail Technician and the Silver Inspired Achievement Award for our cuticle oil!

This particular award win means so much to us as it is not determined by nominations as with the awards in the other categories but is an award selected by the judges - a panel comprising business expertise and industry experience in their own right - for outstanding service or overcoming obstacles.

We're chuffed that our wholesome nail formula designed with Karen to cater for conscientious ladies on the go that want to ensure their hands and nails are botanically and ethically cared for regardless of challenging wear and tear - has really struck a chord not only with discerning beauty clientele but within the industry at this level.

Kent Health & Beauty Awards - Karen Beeforth

16-06-22 :: MENO CHAT - Abbey Wharf, Reading

Abbey Wharf
Supporting Women in the Workplace

One of the things we love the most about doing our meno chats is the vibrant atmospheres we are invited to dip into enabling us to get those vitally-needed conversations started and providing wellness and solution-oriented information...

We were invited to talk at the creative spaces of Abbey Wharf. An electric environment of mixed businesses, professionals and age groups in the heart of Reading.

Engaging with audiences such as these truly furthers our cause of making menopause a topic to become comfortable with - for all those who are years away from it to those going through or graduating from it and - truly not least for the male co-worker being enriched with a tangible level of awareness...

Another great meno-chat with heartfelt thanks to the superb Abbey Wharf Team.

02 & 03-06-22 :: AFRO HAIR & BEAUTY LIVE 2022 - London, Business Design Centre

The annual exciting showcase for the latest trends and topics in hair and skin products for women of colour was a real hive of energy again this year - and Shhh... was right there in the midst of it all!.

We were nvited to hold featured talks and the seminar rooms were literally heaving on both days - what a fantastic response and how encouraging for us to know that we are definitely on the right track with our wellness agenda - particularly in our mission to reach the BAME community.

Our founder Marva shared critical insights from her Menopause Journey - highlighting the inspiration behind some of the most popular formulations in our range, and Our BAME Ambassador Janelle Victory Clarke gave first hand insight into her unique experience of discovering and using Shhh.. products during a pivotal phase in her health.

Our stand was also beautifully adorned with Janelle's award-winning floral designs - drawing lots of additional attention and compliments - it was an empowering experience for us all as a team further boosted by the incredibly warm reception by everyone at the event.

Our heatfelt thanks to the fanstatic team at Afro Hair & Beauty Live.

Afro Hair and Beauty Live

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20-05-22 :: CHAMPION OF WOMEN AWARDS 2022- hosted by Andrea McLean

In support of Maggie's Cancer Charity and The Felix Project

This inspirational annual Awards Ceremony celebrates extraordinary women who have pioneered with devotion and gift while creating platforms and opportunities to others, lifting and supporting womanhood and the next generation.

What an honour to be invited to contribute to and be present at this exceptional event organised by The Dovetail Agency.

Funds raised support the outstanding Maggie Centres providing incredible service and resources to cancer patients through various centres and online in the UK and the exemplary Felix Project food-rescue charity fighting hunger and poverty in the London capital.

Champion of Women

Champion of Women

We were simply thrilled to be able to donate a selection of our sought-after therapeutic wellness to help raise funds in aid of these worthwhile, life-supporting projects, providing our popular Sleep Sound gift box as one of the raffle prizes and sponsoring the goodie bags with our Sleep Sound sleep spray alongside a truly stunning array of other gorgeous lifestyle and beauty brands all lending inspired support.

The atmosphere in the room in the presence of 300 women waymakers - from every industry and conceivable walk of life, recognising and honouring each other was electrifying - what an uplifting event.

We each received a Champion of Women medal - such a lovely and thoughtful touch - and the heart-warming connections we made with so many will remain with us.

Thank you Champion of Women and your friends for a memorable day.

17-05-22 :: CLUBHOUSE CHAT - with You Good Club



A lot of shame and misconception still surround issues concerning mental health and much like the experiences of many women going through menopause, symptoms and concerns can feel difficult to talk about - thereby increasing feelings of isolation, stress and anxiety which can further compound symptoms.

We were absolutely delighted to receive the invitation to speak on this vital topic in support of Mental Health Awareness this month.
We'll be guesting for three weeks EVERY TUESDAY courtesy of the lovely team at You Good Club to highlight and explore the many ways in which changes to our mental wellbeing can be affected or triggered by the menopause.

The You Good? Club has been created by mental health advocates Tanya Simmons Reid and Rhonda Sampson - conceived as a space for women and men to have transparent conversations around topics of mental health and mental illness.

Tanya Simmons Reid is president & CEO of Skyrocket Communications, Inc. and visionary of the SoundMinds Mental Health Awareness and Solutions Conference. She is a certified Adult Mental Health First Aider (USA).

Rhonda Sampson is a fashion stylist, designer, creator & GODs intercessor - empowering women to feel confident at any size & life transition. She is a certified Adult Mental Health First Aider (USA).

Listen in or stay tuned for further information.

6-05-22 :: MENO CHAT - with Guest Expert - Dr. Carys Sonnenberg

Our first MenoChat with our guest expert Dr Carys was so well received - we were able to answer many great questions thanks to our excellent group interaction.

We launched our Facebook private group at the end of April to such a warm response. Many of the questions we received from you reflect the views and general concerns so many of us have when going through the different transitions in the menopause years and our regular MENOCHATs will continue to invite the dialogue, provide information and provide a space to share.

Here's a quick excerpt - about the stages of Menopause.

Dr. Sonnenberg is a Hampshire-based GP, specialising in Menopause and thanks to her generous time and expertise we were able to learn so much more than one normally would in the 10 minutes that are available with a doctor's appointment.
We covered further topics - in an hour of great information, advice and tips on:

🙌 3 stages of menopause

🙌 How to make the most of your 10 min GP visit

🙌 HRT who can and can’t use it

🙌 Bladder leakage and ways to ease it

🙌 How to ease sore dry skin around the vagina

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Houses of Parliament

Seminar - Midlife Engagement New opportunities

Extended by Caroline Ansell MP, Marva Williams was invited to represent Shhh... at a seminar exploring the field of engagement for those in mature years and included panelists from the NHS, the field of human resources as well as from the private sector.

Opportunities such as these to highlight the factors that can impact efficacy and wellbeing in the career field, particularly for women in the menopausal years, are invaluable building blocks for raising awareness and understanding - exploring issues in the workplace that often don't receive enough consideration.

A very welcome signal for the right direction!

It was an honour for our founder Marva Williams to be able to share her expertise and knowledge in this field and for Shhh... to have vital platforms such as these to help shape discourse and inform solutions for tangible support.


APP Launch John Lewis - Reading

What a fab start to our sister app journey!

It was such a pleasure to meet so many of you in person at the John Lewis instore launch of the Shhh.. Menopause Collective APP and what an exciting week it was for us.

With so much concern and anxiety affecting the majority of women regarding menopause, putting together and launching the APP has been a passion mission for the Collective and the wonderful feedback was rewarding.

Digestive issues, hot flushes, anxiety and skin changes ...

We covered a lot of topics and many of your key concerns in our individual customer exchanges and it is so encouraging to know that our Shhh... products will be able to continue to support so many more of you together with the APP to help you get back to your true self, getting hormones under control and helping to ease menopause symptoms.

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Award - Unsung Hero

Bursting with pride are we here at Shhh...MC HQ!

Our very own Marva received the Unsung Hero Award.

The Women of Excellence Foundation - conceived by founder and organiser Janelle Clarke, herself tirelessly active in the local community supporting vulnerable groups and women, recognises women who provide notable service to others.

Marva received the award in recognition of her expertise in wellness and healing formulations particularly with the benefit that the newly launched Shhh... range can bring to those suffering a variety of symptoms as they go through the menopause.

In Marva's words, ' I’m surprised but delighted to be given this award, and I’m truly thankful to those who nominated me. It has made me even more determined to continue creating products for women to turn to.'

You shouldn't be at all surprised Marva.... you're our hero too!

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John Lewis - Brent Cross


Our second pop-up with the wonderful John Lewis team - this time in the vibrant atmosphere of Brent Cross.

It was fab to see both romance as well as selfcare high on the agenda - and not just on Valentine's Day... giving perfect rise for us to promote our message of taking time out to care for others and for self.
Wellbeing is not just about pampering but about rebalancing and when we make the time to care for our health it has a cascade effect on a myriad of other areas in our lives.

This is the vital principle of what we do here at Shhh.... many menopause symptoms can be alleviated or improved with routine use of natural wellness products and practice, and one doesn't have to wait to feel stressed out to benefit from the relaxing effect of simple, trusted natural wonders such as bath salts or aromatherapy scents...

Many of you came to see us and show us your favourite products from our range and hearing your feedback is just a gift that keeps on giving.

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John Lewis - Bluewater

OUR FIRST JOHN LEWIS POP-UP - What a highlight start to the year 2022!

How excited were we to set up our first pop up in the gorgeous John Lewis Bluewater Shopping Centre - and such a great way to kick off one of our many New Year goals - getting our Shhh... products into the hands of as many of you who might benefit as possible.
The top of the month was a blur of making, prepping and packing stock, setting up and finally launching on the shop floor.

Our fab Shhh... family team spirit was at a wonderful high and boosted by the warm reception from the John Lewis team.
Not all without adventure mind you, as the storms of our beloved Kent decided to give us all a bit of a welcome for a couple of days too(!) but store, staff and visitors troupered on for a brilliant week.

So many dear friends and supporters passed by ... and meeting all you customers for the first time in store was simply an unbeatable experience.

Thank you to everyone who made us feel so appreciated and helped set the tone for exciting things to come!

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